The Chieveley Village Hall 200 Club is your chance to support the village hall and win monthly cash prizes - all for just £15 per year!

Join the 200 Club

Tickets cost £15 each per year. You can buy as many tickets as you like. Each ticket is entered into a monthly draw in which the owner of the winning ticket gets a cash prize. 40% of ticket money is paid in prizes, which means  the more members there are the greater the number and value of the cash prizes.

Currently there is a monthly cash prize of £50 for the owner of the winning ticket- except in March, June, September and December when the cash prize is increased to £100.

The money rasied is vital in helping with the maintenance and running of our wonderful village hall and recreation grounds, ensuring they are in great conditions for villagers and visitors to enjoy.

There are 580 households in Chieveley village. If each household bought just one ticket there would be 3 prizes per month of £50, £100 and £150, and £5220 would be raised for the village hall each year. So, please join the 200 Club and help support the village hall and enjoy the chance to win some cash at the same time.

To join the 200 Club, simply fill in this application form and send to the organiser, Alan Hall.