The Chairman's March Newsletter is now available here. Contains updates on nets, coaching, membership and more. 24  Mar 2021

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Pitch Location Chieveley Recreation Ground, High Street, Chieveley, Berskhire RG20 8TE (see map at top of page)


Club Calendar

Adult Fixtures & Match Reports 2021 (All friendlies)

  • May 2  Falklands 1pm (H)  WON
  • May 9  Woolhampton  1.30pm (H) LOST
  • May 12 Donnington 6pm (H) WON
  •  May 16 Bradfield 1.30pm (H) CANCELLED BY OPPOSITION
  • May 19 Bradfield 6pm (A) CANCELLED
  • May 23 Hampstead Norreys 1.30pm  (A) CANCELLED
  • May 26 Vodafone 6pm  (H)
  • May 30 Boxford 2pm (H)
  • June 2  Downlanders 6pm (A)
  • Aug 11  T20 Downlanders 5.45pm (H)

Previous Years' Results

Adult Results 2020

Adult Results 2019

Adult Results 2018