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Pitch Location Chieveley Recreation Ground, High Street, Chieveley, Berskhire RG20 8TE (see map at top of page)

News update 23 August 2021 - !!! PROMOTED !!!

The adult team have won promotion to Division 2 of the Serious Cricket Downs league as shown in the following league table :

Club Chairman Mark Hutchison writes :

"This is a truly exceptional achievement as it is the first season in this league following our previous promotion. Many congratulations to all those who played, those who lead the teams and the selection committee. With a subtle blend of youth and experience it bodes well for the future. We are on track to fulfilling 31 matches this season which will be a record and show our true strength of depth. Our current win rate is 64% which, considering the time it took us to get going in the season, is a brilliant result .

With Saturday youth coaching sessions very well subscribed ,members should feel very proud at the progress the club is making especially against the background of the pandemic".

Adult Fixtures 2021

  • May 2  Falklands 1pm (H)  WON
  • May 9  Woolhampton  1.30pm (H) LOST
  • May 12 Donnington 6pm (H) WON
  •  May 16 Bradfield 1.30pm (H) CANCELLED BY OPPOSITION
  • May 19 Bradfield 6pm (A) CANCELLED
  • May 23 Hampstead Norreys 1.30pm  (A) CANCELLED
  • May 26 Vodafone (H) T20 WON
  • May 30 Boxford (H) LOST
  • June 2 Downlanders (A) T20 LOST
  • June 4 North Devon (A) LOST
  • June 5 Chumleigh (A) WON
  • June 6 Easton in Gordano (A) LOST
  • June 9 Sutton Courtenay 6pm (A) LOST
  • June 13 Highmoor( A ) CANCELLED
  • June 16 The Pirates 6pm (A) T20 WON
  • June 20 Boxford 2pm (A) CANCELLED
  • June 23 Falkland 2  6pm (H) T20 WON
  • June 30 Donnington 6pm (A) T20 WON
  • July 2 Peasemore 6pm (H) WON
  • July 4 Chairman’s XI 1.30pm (H) WON
  • July 7 Vodafone 6pm (H) T20 LOST
  • July 11 Chaddleworth 2pm (A) WON
  • July 14 The Pirates 6pm (H) T20 WON
  • July 15 Inkpen 6.30pm (A) WON
  • July 21 Sutton Courtenay 6pm (H) T20 LOST
  • July 25 Chaddleworth 2pm (H) WON
  • July 28th Bradfield  6pm (H) T20 WON
  • Aug 1 Purley 2pm (A) LOST
  • Aug 4th Falkland 2 6pm (A) T20 WON
  • Aug 8 Bradfield 1.30pm (A) CANCELLED
  • Aug 11 Downlanders (H) 6pm T20 WON
  • Aug 15 Falkland 1pm (A) WON
  • Aug 18 Vodafone (H) WON (friendly)
  • Aug 22 Hampstead Norreys 1.30pm (H) LOST
  • Aug 29 Aldermaston 1pm (A) CANCELLED
  • Sept 4 Club Big Bash 2pm (H) CANCELLED

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