Next meeting:

Next Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7.30pm in the Curridge Village Hall.  

The Parish Council Agenda can be found here.  (Please note, Agendas are available nearer to the date of the meeting)

The Draft Minutes for the previous meeting can be found here.

Dispensation Information for Members of the Public at meetings
Guidance Notes for Members of the public at meetings

Latest Updates

On Tuesday 12th April 2022 the Parish Council hosted the Annual Parish Meeting (known as the Assembly). The Parish Council would like to say a big Thank You to all our speakers during the evening and displayers, and to everybody that attended to support their community.  The full mins can be found here.

Chieveley Parish Council have a Vacancy for a Councillor.

The Parish Council is looking to fill a Chieveley Ward vacancy by co opting so we have a full Council representing the Parish.

Serving as a councillor on behalf of your Parish can be both rewarding and give a sense of achievement. Councillors have the opportunity to listen to the concerns of the local people, support the community by having a voice, influencing changes and protecting what the Parish treasures.

If you feel you have some spare time and wish to serve your community the councillor role may be a good opportunity. Some eligibility criteria have to be met i.e., must be over 18 years of age and a local elector of the Parish.

Other skills which are relevant including listening and decision-making skills, good local knowledge, a willingness to serve the community and to comply with the statutory Code of Conduct.

If you are interested in the role or wish to have an informal chat please contact the Parish Clerk at or telephone 07867 310121.

You are also welcome to approach Chieveley Parish Councillors to ask them about the role and what it entails.  Councillor details are under the Parish Councillors tab above. If you would like to contact one of the Councillors, please contact the Clerk for details.  

Parish Councillor Official Vacancy Notice. 

Small Grant Awards for 2023
Application Form,  Notice and Small Grants Award Criteria and Conditions available for community bodies and groups in the Parish. Chieveley Parish Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the many community groups and organisations that help to make a positive difference to the residents in the Parish. 
Deadline for applications:  31 October 2022
Small Grants Award Application Form
Small Grants Award Policy/Criteria/Conditions

Dog fouling on footpaths and byways
Receiving a number of complaints from walkers, runners and dog walkers about the amount of dog fouling taking place along the local footpaths and byways.   It is an offence to let your dog foul on a Public Right of Way.  Please be responsible and clean up after your pet and dispose of it appropriately. There are dog waste bins located at the end of Bardown, Manor Lane and at Chieveley Recreational Centre, Chieveley.  Also Chapel Lane and Crabtree Lane, Curridge.  Thank you.

Minerals and waste sites consultation
West Berkshire Council are in the process of developing a new strategic Minerals and Waste Plan for the District.  This plan, once adopted, will set the strategy for minerals and waste development over the period covered by the plan.   Minerals and Waste Sites Consultation document here

Two sites in Chieveley Parish have been included in the consultation.
60 Acre Field, Old Street, Chieveley (Page 12) and land behind Chieveley Services (page 21) adjacent to Old Kiln Quarry.