Next meeting:

Next Parish Council meeting – 7pm on Tuesday 10th November 2020 – This will be a remote meeting.

The Agenda can be found here. (Please note, Agendas are available nearer to the date of the meeting)

The Draft Minutes for the previous meeting can be found here.

For Members of the Public wishing to attend, please contact the Clerk on  or telephone 07867 310121. Each member of the public is limited to 2 minutes during Item 4, Public Questions.  If anyone needs more time they should email the Parish Clerk beforehand, listing the points to be made. This will be a remote meeting and the public is welcome to observe by providing the Clerk with their email address.  Anyone wishing to speak in the public questions item should let the Clerk know by 6pm on Monday 9th June to arrange participation. Members of the public may not contribute to the meeting thereafter.

Dispensation Information for Members of the Public at meetings
Guidance Notes for Members of the public at meetings

Latest Updates

Suspended Bus Service Information from West Berkshire Council Transport Services Team
'From the 25th March 2020 all public bus routes run by West Berkshire Council Transport Services Team the 5, 5a, 5c, 41, 44, 47 & H1 are suspended until further notice. Keyworkers who require assistance with essential travel should contact West Berkshire Council on 01635 551111.  Local bus travel updates are available at:'

West Berkshire Council Local Plan Update February 2020 
West Berkshire Council is reviewing its Local Plan to cover the period up to 2036. The Local Plan is the plan for the future development of West Berkshire which is drawn up by the Council in consultation with the community and key stakeholders. The purpose of the Local Plan Review will be to assess the future levels of need for new homes (including market, affordable and specialist housing and Gypsy and Traveller accommodation) and employment land and infrastructure provision over that period.   Full details of the Local Plan 2020 update from West Berkshire Council can be found here.   Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) helps inform the preparation of the Local Plan review. The HELAA for Chieveley and Curridge can be found here

New Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer 
Following the resignation of Tracy Snook after 15 years exemplary service, Chieveley Parish Council is pleased to announce that Kim Lloyd has been appointed to the role of Parish Clerk & RFO.  Kim has a wealth of experience and currently works as a Parish Clerk/RFO for other Parish Councils in the Berkshire Area.  Kim lives in Chieveley Parish so understands many of the issues we face in the Parish. 
Kim Started on 1 February.

Home Office Consultation - Strengthening Police Powers to Tackle Illegal Encampments
Consultation on measures to criminalise trespassing when setting up an unauthorised encampment in England and Wales.  Consultation closes 4 March 2020.  Further details and options on how to response via this link

Emergency Plan Review
Dear Parish Residents, Chieveley Parish Council is currently in the throes of reviewing the community Emergency Plan.

The Parish Emergency Plan works in conjunction with West Berkshire Council’s to enable the Parish to have a structured response should ‘a significant major’ incident affect our community while we await the assistance of the Emergency Services and other responders.   We are hopeful that this document will never have to be implemented. However, we have to provide an Emergency Plan and issue it to key stakeholders and community groups in the Parish to keep in a safe, accessible place should a major incident cut off electronic communication, power supplies, trunk roads and we have to manage ourselves until the appropriate services can.

It would be great to hear from you if you have professional skills that could be useful in an emergency. E.g. a qualified medical person, first aider/carers, builder, plumber, farmer, electrician, engineer, HGV driver, plant operator, administrator, mechanic or caterer to name a few.

Could you provide or permit access at the time of an emergency any of the following? Tractor, trailer, 4 x 4 vehicle, JCB, Lorry, chainsaw, safety equipment, lifting gear, cooking equipment, sandbags, pillows, blankets, portable heaters, lanterns, generator, fuel, wood, radio transmitter, utensils or anything else you feel useful for an emergency situation.

Do you feel you personally would need specific assistance during a significant major incident?  Please contact us and let us know what your needs will be so we can ensure all our community members as looked out for and supported. 

Please complete the Emergency Plan Review Form  and send it to the Parish Clerk  by email   Or you can email the Parish Clerk with your pledge of aid or skill information and contact details. We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you.  As said before it is hoped it will never be needed but in true scouting words, ‘be prepared’!

Small Grant Awards for 2021
Application Form,  Notice and Small Grants Award Criteria and Conditions available for community bodies and groups in the Parish. Chieveley Parish Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the many community groups and organisations that help to make a positive difference to the residents in the Parish. 
Deadline for applications:  31 October 2020
 Application Form
Small Grants Award Notice 2020
Small Grants Award Policy/Criteria/Conditions

Dog fouling on footpaths and byways
Receiving a number of complaints from walkers, runners and dog walkers about the amount of dog fouling taking place along the local footpaths and byways.   It is an offence to let your dog foul on a Public Right of Way.  Please be responsible and clean up after your pet and dispose of it appropriately. There are dog waste bins located at the end of Bardown, Manor Lane and at Chieveley Recreational Centre, Chieveley.  Also Chapel Lane and Crabtree Lane, Curridge.  Thank you.

Minerals and waste sites consultation
West Berkshire Council are in the process of developing a new strategic Minerals and Waste Plan for the District.  This plan, once adopted, will set the strategy for minerals and waste development over the period covered by the plan.   Minerals and Waste Sites Consultation document here

Two sites in Chieveley Parish have been included in the consultation.
60 Acre Field, Old Street, Chieveley (Page 12) and land behind Chieveley Services (page 21) adjacent to Old Kiln Quarry.