An LTA registered club

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 *** Latest News - Covid 19 Update ***

18 Jul '20  LTA Covid-19 guidance for players  - all members are requested to please read the latest LTA Covid-19 guidance.


Weekly playing diary

7-9pm Mixed Team Practice

6-8pm Club Night

No events at present

6-8pm Club Night

No events are present

Club sessions are open to all members - partners not essential as the objective is for all members to mix and play with any of the other club members who may attend. Members must follow the latest LTA Covid-19 guidelines.

Court Priority - Suspended due to Covid-19

Sessions take priority over general play. For general play Juniors and Seniors have equal priority up to 6.00pm. After this time Seniors have priority, though Juniors may play if courts are available.

If there are people waiting to play, please ensure that doubles are played and once the existing set is completed, play is rotated to ensure everyone gets their turn.

During formal coaching sessions there should always be a court available for members to use. Just ask the coach.

On occasion all 3 courts will be in use. These will be advised on the calendar.

Club Calendar - Suspended due to Covid-19

The calendar shows court availability, meetings and social events and is regularly updated by Emma-Jayne Bailey.

Navigate to the month\week\day you are interested in and then click on an event for more information. Or click on Agenda for a list view. 


We are an LTA registered club and fulfil all criteria for safeguarding and other related topics. We have three Welfare Officers who have attended the relevant safeguarding courses. Our Welfare Officers are Helen Singleton, Sarah Hutchison and Emma-Jayne Bailey. If any club member has any cause for concern, or would like to discuss any issue, they should contact one of them.

First Aid - Suspended due to Covid-19

A fully stocked first aid kit can be found in the clubhouse together with guidelines for use. Members are reminded that there is a key to the car park barrier hanging alongside these instructions should an ambulance need to attend. An accident form must be completed for every accident requiring attention.

Club merchandise - Suspended due to Covid-19

The club has the following for sale, each bearing the club logo:

Polo shirts
Please contact Karen Willock on 01635 203464 for more details and prices.


Coaching for juniors and adults is offered through Ignition Tennis. Coaching takes place at our club.

Keys for adult members - Suspended due to Covid-19

Upon joining keys are issued to members for both the clubhouse and the courts. Members will be charged for lost keys.

Keys for junior members - Suspended due to Covid-19

Upon joining junior members are issued with keys for the courts only. Clubhouse keys are not available to junior members.