The Chieveley 50

Your New Years' Resolution

Join us in a charity challenge in the New Year, raising valuable funds for worthwhile local causes. This year Time to Talk West Berkshire, a charity to promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people aged 11-25 in West Berkshire, and the Chieveley Playground Project.

The Challenge

Walk 50 miles in 50 days and raise £50 - either individually, or as part of a group or a family. One contribution, whatever the group size or you can do it by yourself!


Why not? A chance to be part of a great village community initiative plus a bit of fitness and fresh air at the start of the new year.


Join a daily mile walk around the village at either 9am or 6pm. You choose which time works best for you. This will be led to start with but once up and running will just run itself as we are sure there will be someone there who knows the route.

Who can do this?

Anyone over 18, or under if part of a family group. Bring any friends and your neighbours. You don't have to live in Chieveley. Join with others to make your own group.

When does it start and from where?

  • Kick off in 2022 on 13th January at 9am and then 9am and 6pm each day thereafter
  • Meet at the Church and walk to the recreation centre and around, into Middle Farm Close and back again.
  • Our 50 days will finish on 3rd March.
  • If you miss a day it's not a problem - it's up to you

We look forward to seeing you all on the 13th January, or whenever you decide to join in.  We cannot all run a marathon, or cycle the length of the country but this is something WE CAN do. Let's go for it!

Keep in touch

Look out for updates here or on the MyChieveley Facebook page.  If you want to contact us, the organisers, feel free to use our contact details below.


Helen Singleton -07929 279924

Mark Hutchison - 07973 553239

Sarah Hutfchison - 07970 693301