Plans for new benches and picnic tables at Chieveley Recreation Centre

The wooden zig zag seats between the Village Hall and the Skateboard Ramp are coming to the end of their life.  They have received a huge amount of use this year as more and more people enjoy the Rec and its facilities and appreciate how fortunate we are to have such wonderful outside space right here in the village. 

The seating area benefits from shade and is conveniently near to the Playground, MUGA and Skateboard Ramp.  We are looking to replace them with a combination of recycled plastic picnic benches and picnic tables, please see photos below.  The material has been selected to be robust, long lasting and virtually free of maintenance, and is the same style and type of seats which were installed this year.  Potentially we would like a combination of 4 picnic tables/benches.



Picnic table
Picnic Table


The cost for each picnic bench will be £750 and picnic table £865 which includes VAT, a plaque if required and installation.  If you would like to donate a bench or a table with or without a plaque or even anonymously, please let me know.  Two picnic tables have already been donated, two to go.

Many Thanks

Mark Hutchison, Grounds Officer, Chieveley Recreation Centre,  Tel: 07973 553239