A message from the Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Watch administrator

If you do not currently have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your road, with all the lovely community spirit and neighbours getting to know one another, it is the ideal time to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in part or all of your road. Sadly, there are only a few schemes now in Chieveley. If you would like me to send you details of how to set up a scheme or if you have any other queries, please phone me on 01635 40866 or forward your email address to:  ajmy5m7@inbox.com and I will make contact with you.  

With email now or by setting up a closed Facebook or WhatsApp Group, it is so easy to forward the Police/NHW/Action Fraud Alerts on to your neighbours.  Neighbourhood Watch signs, stickers and leaflets are free plus all neighbours receive various local discounts.  It is important for more schemes to be set up as this will help combat crime and make the community a safer place to live.”

Best wishes

Angela Money BEM

Neighbourhood Watch (voluntary)