Medicines for Muheza Update

Medicines for Muheza is a small, UK registered charity which has helped transform the work at St. Augustine's Hospital in Muheza, Tanzania over the last 30 years. Our community in Chieveley has supported it for over 20 years.

Our annual fundraising service was held at St. Mary's on St. Luke's Day, Sunday 18 October. Thank you to all who have so kindly donated. Your generosity is helping to change and save lives through providing continuity of quality care.

Dr. Karilyn Collins had recorded a presentation, updating from last year. We had a few technical issues but everyone present heard her heartfelt plea for continued support and confirmation of the difference it makes. She also told us about Dr. Sally Amos, who, with her family, had lived and worked in Muheza, who has recently died from cancer. During her illness, Sally was still fundraising for a home for women near the hospital - partly as a refuge for women, as well as possibly a place for those who are due to give birth but live a long distance from the hospital. Sally, Ben and the children had once visited and given a presentation at Chieveley Primary School. Sally asked about supporting a little girl born HIV negative from an HIV positive mother because of the treatment given at the hospital (a key part of her work there), after the mother had lost her other babies. This became Pennies for Pili, for those who remember the "snakes" of coins in the school grounds! Sally was so passionate about the work at the hospital and never stopped caring and supporting, even though they have been back in the UK for some years.

So far, we have raised about £4800 towards this year's target of £5500. The good news is that you are not too late if you would like to donate!  Cheques are payable to Medicines for Muheza and can be posted to me (see below) or dropped into Paul Medley at Westfield House, just north of Quackers, on the High Street. There is a new Gift Aid form to keep the accountants happy, if you would be kind enough to fill that in, details on the Medicines for Muheza page.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

For more information, contact Sarah Wierszycki at 45 Southmoor Road, Oxford, OX2 6RF.