Medicines for Muheza Update

Our annual fundraising services were held at St Mary's on Sunday 20 October. Thank you to all who have so kindly donated. Your generosity is fundamentally changing and saving lives.

At the services, Drs Karilyn and Richard Collins showed another film, updating from last year. It was about the exchange programme they have done with some British teenagers/young adults who have also suffered bereavement - a parent or sibling. They compared their experiences with orphans in Muheza and recognised the differences. It was really moving to see how some British young people, who had been really struggling, understood that they too could be strong, just like the children at Muheza, and they realised that they were allowed to look for happiness and enjoy the good things they had. They also treated the Muheza children to a weekend by the coast, having fun together. It looked like a very happy time.

Of course, all the normal good work is continuing there, and our donations are helping. So far, we have raised about £4500 towards this year's target of £5500. The good news is that you are not too late if you would like to donate!  Cheques are payable to Medicines for Muheza and can be posted to me (see below) or dropped into Paul Medley at Westfield House, just north of Quackers, on the High Street.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

For more information, please contact Sarah Wierszycki – 751302, 45 Southmoor Road, Oxford, OX2 6RF or see the Medicines for Muheza.