Latest news from the Downlands Practice

Online GP and HCA appointment booking
The Downland Practice are now offering GP and HCA blood test appointments online.  This should reduce the number of calls that patients make in to the reception team.  We will be looking at extending the online appointment booking for our Clinical Pharmacists who undertake medication reviews for patients.

Covid-19 Booster Vaccination
To book a Covid-19 Booster vaccine please either use the link below or ring 119 to book your vaccine date.

Patient Information Sheet

The latest Downland Practice Patient Information Sheet is available to download and read here.

Topics covered include:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Clinics
Reception Team
Did Not attend
GP Changes
GP Routine Appointments
Downland Practice and the Pandemic
Nursing team update

Berkshire West Patient Newsletter

The Berkshire West NHS commissioning service has also released their latest newsletter which is available to download here.