Firstly, as we start our 10th week following 'lockdown', I'd like to thank all of our customers for your continued patience and understanding during this period.

Some data to share from the past 10 weeks:

  • The Pharmacist has worked an average of 55 hours per week since lockdown began
  • Over the past 4 weeks, volunteers and pharmacy/practice staff have made over 650 medication deliveries to patients homes
  • The Pharmacy has received an average of 180 phonecalls per week, whilst keeping the average wait time to just over 3 mins!
  • Over 60% of calls received are to either request a prescription or to ask if a prescription is ready to collect

As the government change the emphasis on lockdown measures, we are making the following changes:


CHIEVELEY, open Monday to Friday 0930 - 1300 and 1400 - 1830
(We are looking to open earlier soon and will post this when it happens)

COMPTON, open Tuesday, Wednesday AND NOW Thursday 0800 - 1230


If you have your medication on a regular 4-weekly cycle, you can use our PRE-ORDER SYSTEM where we order and supply your medication every 4 weeks. Please ask our staff for more information when you collect your medication. You just need to remember to arrange collection at the pharmacy

If you prefer to order your medication yourself, or you have medication on an irregular basis, you can order your medication by one of these methods:
ONLINE: you must be registered to use 'Patient Access'
EMAIL: send your name, date of birth, and NHS number (if known) with a list of medication required to
TELEPHONE: call the Pharmacy
IN PERSON: drop your repeat slip into the Pharmacy/practice. There is a letter-box available for repeat requests at the front door.

Whichever option you choose, PLEASE ALLOW 4 WORKING DAYS TO PASS before you arrange to collect your medication.


Unfortunately our shop is not as spacious as we would like so, to ensure we maintain social distancing between customers and protect our team, we are operating a '1 in - 1 out' policy.
If you are queuing to enter the Pharmacy, please wait for a customer to leave before entering.
Wherever possible, our team will take steps to keep waiting times to a minimum
In line with government advice, we recommend that patients visiting the pharmacy wear a face mask/covering.


If your usual surgery can send prescriptions electronically, ask them to send your prescription to our Pharmacy, using the code FDN76, and we will supply your medication.


To ensure the practice is kept safe for all our patients, including our most vulnerable patients, we have the following procedures in place:

  • All persons entering the practice, (including GPs, staff, volunteers, and delivery drivers) have their temperature checked before entering the building.
  • Patients must first phone reception to book a telephone appointment
  • GPs will use phone and/or video consultations and only see patients face-to-face if necessary
  • At present we are not using our waiting room, so are asking patients who are invited to the practice for a face-to-face appointment to wait in their cars / outside the practice until they are invited to enter.
  • Patients who may have COVID symptoms will only be seen in a specific isolation room within the practice (with separate access) or will be referred to the West Berkshire hot hub

Finally... as the lockdown restrictions continue, although I appreciate that some people (myself included) are becoming less tolerant of the changes they have to follow / endure, can I ask that we all RESPECT the measures we have in place at the pharmacy so we can continue to stay open to provide services to our community.

Thanks again, stay safe and our best wishes to all.