What another great day for the Chieveley chase, the sun was shining, the bacon butties were gorgeous and what can we say about the cakes; we are known as one of the best races for cakes, maybe it makes up for the hills!

Adult Race Full Results

Children's Race Full Results

Race Pictures 2019 (courtesy of Barry Cornelius)

It was a tough field again and we had some fast times, the three overall winners for male and female were as follows

1st Male - Michael Stone in 34.57

2nd Male - Barry Regan in 35.17

3rd Male - Mark Saunders in 35.19

1st Female - Rachel Allen in 41.23

2nd Female - Laura Buchanan in 42.28

3rd Female - Lisa O'Neil in 43.15


1st Chieveley Male - William Tyson in 37.17

1st Chieveley Female - Adele Peek in 47.34


All other times and positions are in the race results

The children's race was well supported for the 1 mile route

1st Boy year 5/6 - Oliver Hamlin in 5.48

2nd Boy year 5/6 - Gregor Arlington in 6.04

3rd Boy year 5/5 - Joseph Hoaen in 6.06

1st Girl year 5/6 - Zoe Ragousis in 7.17

2nd Girl year 5/6 - Nicole Frost in 7.31

3rd Girl year 5/5 - Maisie Hammons in 7.59


1st Boy year 3/4 - Charlie Ormerod in 6.43

2nd Boy year 3/4 -Eddie Butterfield in 7.12

3rd Boy year 3/4 - William Tucker in 7.20

1st Girl year 3/4 - Bethany Morton in 7.24

2nd Girl year 3/4 -Maria Gonzalez in 7.25

3rd Girl year 3/4 -Amelie Bernard in 7.32

Thank you for everyone's support and help from all of the volunteers, hope to see you all next year!

Kim Newark
Race Organiser
07818 204553