From local ward councillor Hilary Cole


When walking the dog at 8.15 this morning (Sunday) there was a dark red Range Rover/Discovery, reg KW52 XRB, on by-way 15 at the junction with footpath 10a, behind Bardown (see footpath leaflet).  There were 2 men in it and one got out to take photographs aiming towards the properties in Northfields/Peasemore Rd.  When I got to the vehicle I asked them if everything was OK and was told they were ‘walking the dog’  - I could see no evidence of a dog!  I did point out they could have parked in Bardown.  They were not local and I would say (without prejudice) that they were part of the traveling community.

This may be something or nothing, but I was sufficiently concerned to call the police to inform them as they could have been either looking to see if there were any hares for coursing or looking to see how easy it is to access the properties from the back.

I will be letting the landowner know, and I think it wise for people living in the area to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious to the police.