Following the recent Traveller encampments steps have been taken to secure the open public spaces in Chieveley.

The Village Hall has completed design and commercial discussions and has appointed suppliers for the construction and installation of a robust height limit barrier to be installed on the ramp of the south entrance to the hall. The barrier is to be 2.1m high and to have a span of 8m. Installation is due to be complete by 25th September at the latest. Local suppliers are to be used.

The public space near the entrance to Middle Farm Close has been secured by the installation of a robust wooden fence. In addition large bags of topsoil have been positioned at strategic points.

The large space in front of The Green is to be secured by the building of a soil bund. This work is to be undertaken by West Berks and their contractor Volker. Target date for completion of this work is 14 September.

Planting schemes for these areas may be planned in future, and will include consultation with local residents.

Thanks go to all parties involved (below) for working together so efficiently and effectively on this matter. A speedy response from all has been much appreciated by residents.

Will Hooper, Mark Hutchison and the Village Hall Committee 
Parish Clerk Tracy Snook
Parish Council
West Berks Council
Councillor Hilary Cole
The residents of Middle Farm Close, The Green and their nominated representatives Helen Rigby and Dawn Wheadon