What is the Parish Plan?

The Parish Plan is a document setting out how the residents of Chieveley, Oare and Curridge want to see the area develop over the next five to ten years. The Parish Plan documents the socio-economic and environmental issues of the community and its proposed remedies and actions. The plan was published and distributed to all households in the community in early 2011.

The Parish Plan is supported by the Parish Council and West Berkshire Council and will be used by local and central government to influence future policies affecting our community. 

How was it created?

The Parish Plan was created after extensive consultation with the community including a detailed questionnaire which was distributed to all residents. The excellent response to the questionnaire played an important part in identifying the main issues and shaping the plan to address them.

The plan document contains full details of how the consultation process was conducted.

All communities in the UK have been encouraged to produce a plan and many thousands have elected to do so.

What has been achieved to date?

The plan has been successful in providing an impetus to many local projects including, among others:

Who looks after the plan?

The Parish Plan Action Group is responsible for overseeing the implementation of actions contained in the plan. The group is drawn from residents of the community and is chaired by Julie Firth.  The Action Group is always looking for volunteers and welcomes interest from any member of the community.