Snapshot of the Parish Council meeting on 11th September 2018

Items discussed included:

Planning Applications

Applications for an extension to quarry working extensions and inert waste MRF as well as an application to carry out refurbishment works for a garden barn were considered at the meeting.

Further information about Planning Applications can be found on the Planning Advice section of the West Berkshire Council website.

General Security of West Berkshire Council Public Open Spaces

Travellers, having set up an illegal encampment at Chieveley Recreational Centre on 27 August 2018 moved to The Green public open space on 31 August 2018 prompting West Berkshire Council to carry out a general security review of public open spaces in Chieveley village.

Bund works on The Green started on Wednesday 12 September 2018 and completed on Friday 14th September 2018.  Landscaping improvement schemes for The Green and Middle Farm Close will be drawn up for consultation purposes. 

Chieveley Recreational Centre have placed an order for the supply and installation of a height barrier to the south entrance to the village hall car park.

Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday 2018

A donation of £120 for three banners, one each for Chieveley, Curridge and Oare to be obtained from the Royal British Legion was agreed at the meeting.

Dog Waste Bin for Oare

A new dog waste bin will be provided at Oare Pond.  

Salt Bins

The Parish Council salt bins will be topped up ready for winter over the coming months. Arlington Hill, Curridge Road/Crabtree Lane junction, outside the Downland Practice, and Church Lane. 

Traffic Management and Priors Court Road/B4009

Concerns about this junction has been raised by both Hermitage Parish Council and Chieveley Parish Council should all the local plan sites in Hermitage be allowed to proceed at a higher density than the local plan indicates.  According to West Berkshire Council Highways Development Control Officer, developers have used Transport Research Laboratory software (ARCADY) to model the roundabout at the junction of Priors Court Road, Station Road and B4009. The results show that the roundabout is near to capacity.  An integrated traffic plan request to West Berkshire Council from both Parish Councils has been resisted.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/2018

This has been concluded by the External Auditor and the notice of conclusion of the audit are displayed on the larger noticeboards in the parish with Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the return.  Also available at on the Parish Council documents page

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Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on 9th October 2018 at Chieveley Village Hall & Recreational Centre, High Street, Chieveley, Berkshire RG20 8TE.

The first 10 minutes of the meeting are available for members of the public to express a view or ask a question of the Parish Council.

Members of the public are welcome to stay and observe for the rest of the meeting