Chieveley Oil Club bulk buys domestic heating oil saving residents of Chieveley hundreds of pounds a year on their heating bills.

The club is run on a voluntary basis by Bob Plumridge who orders a tanker of oil every 8-12 weeks according to demand from club members. Generally, the more oil that is ordered the cheaper the price.

Membership of the club is free and is open to all residents of Chieveley.

In August 2023 the Oil Club ordered 33,000 litres on behalf of 42 members.  Current membership is around 200 households. 

How it works 

1. Future order deadlines are published on this page so please check the site regularly for upcoming orders. Bob will send an email a couple of weeks beforehand to remind members.

2. Members should send an email to to let Bob know how much oil they need. The information needed is the delivery address, telephone number, delivery instructions and number of litres required. Instructions can be given to fill up a tank but an approximate number of litres is needed as well.

3. Member's orders are totalled up. Bob then contacts the local oil delivery companies to get the best price and then places an order on behalf of members.

4. Bob will then confirm supplier, delivery timescale and payment terms to those who have placed an order within 24 hours of the order being placed. Usually, members then need to contact the supplier to make payment the following day.

5. Oil is then generally delivered within 5-10 days.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that complete and accurate information is provided to the oil suppliers, it is members' responsibility to check all aspects of their individual order with the supplier when making payment prior to delivery.

Volunteer coordinators cannot accept any liability for error. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes the delivery address, special instructions for accessing the property and the amount of oil required. Where a tank is to be filled then it may be prudent to agree an upper limit with the supplier.