Why visit

It is a unique way to explore a rainforest without leaving the UK. Suitable for all ages with plenty to do and see in a 2-3 hour visit. The more you look the more you discover hidden in the forest. Perfect for school holidays or weekend days out.

What will I see?

Lots of things found in rainforests, including...

  • Giant water lilies
  • Dwarf crocodiles
  • Birds, butterflies and lizards (roaming freely)
  • Goeldi's monkeys
  • Spiders, pythons, scorpions
  • Poisonous frogs
  • Plants, trees and birds of the rainforest

...and all in two huge glass buildings crammed with rainforest trees and plants.

In their own words

"The Living Rainforest strives to make learning about life fun. Visitors are immersed in real rainforest experiences. Our interpretation links plants, animals, ecosystems, human needs, economies and cultures. We aim to delight and challenge, building on the incredible biological and cultural diversity of planet Earth.

The Living Rainforest offers a unique educational visit for people of all ages to learn how the future of tropical rainforests and other ecosytems is closely connected to human lives and lifestyles."

Did You Know?

The Living Rainforest is operated by Trust for Sustainable Living and an ex-Prime Minister of Sweden is the Patron of the Trust.

The rainforest was started by Keith Bromley, founder of Russell and Bromley shoes.

It is built on the site of Wyld Court orchid nursery, once of Europe's leading orchid nurseries.

The rainforest first took root in 1993 and became a charity in 2000.