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As a long standing member of the community, Michelle and Tony of Shepherds Bakery are trying  to help with food supplies.

We have sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs to go along with our bread products. We can get a supply of meat in bulk so depending on demand this is something that we can do as things progress. We have limited the choice to items that we know we can supply so please refer to the product lists.

Going forward we expect demand to be high. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we shall set up a collection system from our car park.

Ordering and Collection

Please use the form below to place your order. We would need just a couple of days notice to prepare orders so for example:

  • Orders received by 4pm Monday would be ready for collection on Wednesday between 10 & 5pm.
  • Orders received by 4pm Tuesday would be ready for collection on Thursday between 10 & 5pm.
  • Orders received by 4pm Friday would be ready for collection on the following Monday


We do not have card facilities so payment is preferable online at the time of ordering:
Account name: G W Shepherd and sons ltd
Sort code :        601507
Account:           16231465
Alternatively you can bring a cheque with you when you collect made payable to G W Shepherds and sons Ltd.


We can deliver to our local area (Chieveley, Beedon, Worlds End) for those unable to collect. We are supporting the local volunteer group with deliveries for people that are unable to leave their homes

We wish you all well. Stay safe and contact us if you need us.

Whitsun Bank Holiday Opening Times

We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday May 26th. Orders placed up to Saturday evening will be available for collection on Tuesday. Orders placed on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th will be available for collection on Wednesday 27th May.

Description Price Quantity
Large White Farmhouse Loaf - Thick Sliced £1.50
Small White Farmhouse Loaf - Sliced £1.10
Large White Sandwich Loaf Medium Sliced £1.50
Large White Bloomer - Unsliced £1.50
Large Harvest (Granary) Farmhouse Loaf - Thick Sliced £1.70
Small Harvest (Granary) Farmhouse Loaf - Sliced £1.25
Large Harvest (Granary) Sandwich Loaf - Medium Sliced £1.70
Large Harvest (Granary) Bloomer - Unsliced £1.70
Large Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf - Thick Sliced £1.60
Small Wholemeal Farmhouse Loaf - Sliced £1.25
Large Wholemeal Sandwich Loaf - Medium Sliced £1.60
Large Wholemeal Bloomer - Unsliced £1.60
White Rolls x4 £1.00
White Long Rolls x6 £1.25
White Medium Baps x4 £1.20
White Large Baps x3 £1.25
White Sub Rolls x3 £1.20
Wholemeal Rolls x4 £1.00
Wholemeal Medium Baps x4 £1.20
Wholemeal Large Baps x3 £1.25
Hot Cross Buns x4 £1.30
Eggs x6 £1.20
Milk 1L £1.00
Milk 2L £1.90
Butter Salted 250g £2.55
Butter Unsalted 250g £2.55
Cheddar Cheese £2.90
Whole Roasting Chicken £6.20
Chicken Fillets x4 £5.90
Chicken Fillets x10 £11.00
Chicken Fillets 5kg £30.00
4 x BBQ Chicken Fillets £5.90
Diced Chicken 450g £5.80
Diced Chicken 1.5kg £11.00
Diced Chicken 5kg £30.00
6 x BBQ Chicken Legs £5.10
20 x Chicken Legs £11.50
Beef Topside Joint approx. 1kg £11.00
Diced Beef 450g £6.00
Diced Beef 1.2kg £11.00
Minced Beef 450g £4.80
Minced Beef 1.5kg £11.00
Minced Beef 5kg £28.00
Sirloin Steaks x2 £11.50
Rump Steaks x2 £6.50
Ribeye Steaks x2 £11.50
Pork Loin Roasting Joint £11.00
Pork Loin Steaks x4 £4.50
Pork Loin Chops x10 £10.90
4x BBQ Pork Loin Steak £4.50
Diced Pork 450g £4.90
Sausages Pork 8s 450g £4.50
Sausages 30 x Pork 8s £11.20
Sausages Cumberland 8s 450g £4.50
Rindless Back Bacon 450g £3.30
Rindless Back Bacon 2.2kg £11.50
Rindless Back Bacon Smoked 450g £3.30
Rindless Back Bacon Smoked 2.2kg £11.50
Apples x5 £1.60
Bananas bunch £1.60
Beetroot Pure Cooked 250g £0.80
Blueberries 125g £2.40
Broccoli Tenderstem £2.60
Cabbage x1 £1.50
Carrots 1kg £1.30
Cauliflower £2.20
Cucumber x1 £0.95
Gem Lettuce x1 £1.40
Grapes 400g £2.00
Iceberg Lettuce x1 £1.30
Leeks x1 £0.85
Lemons x2 £0.90
Mushrooms Flat 200g £1.06
Mushrooms Small 250g £1.11
Onions Red x3 £0.70
Onions White x3 £0.70
Orange Large Each £0.70
Oranges Easy Peel x5 £1.90
Parsnips x1 £0.60
Pears x4 £1.25
Peppers x1 £0.80
Potatoes Baking x4 £1.60
Potatoes Dirty 1kg £0.85
Potatoes Dirty 2kg £1.60
Potatoes New 600g £1.00
Raspberries 125g £2.20
Strawberries 400g £3.80
Swede x1 £0.95
Tomatoes Large Vine x6 £2.50
Tomatoes Small Vine 250g £1.80
Order Total: £0.00