Walking in Circles
February 2019

I have recently noticed a group of people in the village walking round in circles.  Well, a circle to be a bit more accurate.  Or an irregular loop to be even more accurate.  Which started me wondering.  What is the collective noun for a group of walkers?  Google is the obvious solution to this important question and of course fails to provide a definitive answer.  An “amble” or “stroll” seem the two most popular suggestions, and one web forum that I consulted had degenerated into personal abuse within seven posts.  The internet never fails to disappoint.

Turns out that these are not lost souls aimlessly wandering the village like the Flying Dutchman neither are they doing it because they are at a loose end, but rather for Loose Ends a local charity looking after the homeless and vulnerable.  The Webmeister has thoughtfully included some details elsewhere in this emporium so do have a look after you’ve finished reading this.  The last night will include a torchlight procession to the pub.  As in flaming torches with real fire, none of your cheap LED stuff.  Naked flames and alcohol.  What could possibly go wrong?  That is before you start thinking of the connotations of a group of villagers carrying fire marching on the local pub like something from the Wicker Man.  The Red Lion?  More like the Charred Cheetah.                   

You have been warned
January 2019

In an effort to revive the fortunes of his flagging website the Webmeister has been casting his net wide and far in search of new material and so in desperation has commissioned me to write a series of witty and erudite articles for him on any subject matter that I care to choose.  For those of you who are now concerned that the village’s financial resources are being frittered away on mere fripperies I would seek to console you with the observation that in my wide experience his promises and deliveries are two camps separated by a wide chasm.  To be honest I have far better things to do with my time than to serve as his lackey in his quest for dominance of the lucrative market for digital ephemera and therefore my output is likely to be limited not only to maintain the high standards which I strive to achieve but also to ameliorate the effects of my efforts on his quest for electronic dominance

Please do hit the refresh key on this page from time to time as without a steady stream of the curious, inquisitive, desperate and easily pleased my tenure will be cut short.  However do not expect a daily or even weekly update as producing material of this quality does take its toll and is no task for the faint hearted.  Maintaining the high standards that we have all come to expect from the internet in the 21st century requires a broad range of skills each finely honed to the keenest of edges with the slipstone of experience and thus this will very much be an exercise in quality rather than quantity.  Possibly.