The Gardening Club is keen to encourage as many people as possible to exhibit in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Shows. Many people are still tentative about ‘how to show' their flowers, fruits, vegetables, produce and crafts and are put off because they feel that everyone else is more expert! They aren't (well, not all of them).

The ‘Residents' section of each section is intended for people who are entering for the first time and those of us who don't grow ‘exhibition standard' flowers or vegetables. This section is for all of us who simply grow things because they look nice.

The following is a collection of advice and suggestions, which we hope you will find interesting and useful and will tempt you to have a go.

Some basic points

1. Flowers should be unblemished - bugs earn no points!

2. Keep stalks/ stems as long as possible and in proportion to the size of the vase

3. Use Oasis or newspaper to keep flowers in an upright position

4. Try to make all the flowers face the front and don't let them touch each other

5. Vegetables should be even in size and as unblemished and as clean as possible

6. Pot plants should be displayed in clean pots and any dead flowers or leaves removed

7. Any vase or container will do but it should be in proportion to the flowers

8. At all times, if in doubt - ASK

Presentation and uniformity

All exhibits should be arranged as attractively as possible; in a close competition, arrangements may be the deciding factor. Uniformity of specimens is important, so avoid mixing large specimens with others that are smaller.

Floral exhibits

To keep your flowers fresh, cut them the evening before the Show and put half an inch of their stems in hot water for 30 seconds only. Put them in a bucket of water, with only the flowers above the surface, and leave for 2 hours. Place in a plastic bag, tie well to exclude air and lay overnight on a cool floor.

Flowers in vases

A collection of 3 flowers - all flowers should face the front and should not touch each other. If the blooms are not of equal size, consider the following arrangement:

If one flower is large, put it at the bottom. If one flower is small, put it at the top.

        Flower arrangement                         Flower Arrangement II