Experienced personal trainer offering tailored personal training programmes for all ages, abilities and requirements in the Newbury and Thatcham area, based in Chieveley near Newbury.
Training equipment

Looking for new motivation to exercise? Need extra help losing weight? Or are you just looking for a new personal trainer?

Whatever your needs Emma-Jayne Bailey, Personal Trainer, can help.

"I will work with you to establish and achieve goals that are measurable, challenging and enjoyable. After your first free consulation I will design your individual progressive program including cardiovascular, resistance and core stability work"

The first free consultation - how it works 

"In the first consultation we will discuss your current fitness levels and aims. We'll also do a general fitness assessment and lifestyle evaluation and we'll measure the following:

 Blood pressure            Resting heart rate           Fat percentage
 Weight & height  Waist & hip

 Fitness e.g. sit-up test

The lifestyle evaluation includes finding out information about your general health, work and day-to-day activity levels.

Importantly it also allows you to meet me and find out whether you would be happy working with me!

If you then decide that personal training is for you then I will design your training programme tailored for your specific fitness needs and goals. We would then work together to achieve these goals in an enjoyable and effective manner."

 What E-J's clients say

"My reasons for working with E-J were to improve my health and fitness levels, whilst losing some weight and working towards some specific sporting goals. E-J tailored training sessions to target my specific goals whilst making the sessions entertaining as well providing encouragement and motivation when needed.

As a result I'm not only fitter, stronger and overall healthier, but also someone who has run a half marathon and can do 15 press-ups, which is quite an achievement..."

Sarah Gowers, Jun 2009

"My goals were to run a half marathon, increase my upper body strength and lose 2% body fat. Within three months E-J had me running for two hours (!), doing weights twice a week with     increased confidence and lifting 100% heavier weights. The fat % took care of itself!!"             

Harriet Knowles, Jan 2007                

"I didn't want to run a marathon but I did want to get some of my old fitness back & stay healthy.  I've always hated running but E-J has me wanting to do a 30 minute run and my home session every week in addition to my session with her. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I feel better, fitter and I'm even losing body fat"  

Helen Singleton, Sep 2007