Beacon Hill is one of England's most famous and easily accessible ancient hill forts -and a popular place for walks.

At 261m high Beacon Hill offers great views over Hampshire and Berkshire. Its large summit area is perfect for walks, picnics and family afternoons out. In winter it is a notable spot for tobogganing with its steep slopes making for a crazy ride!

At the top

Take a walk around the outer perimeter of the hill fort to enjoy the views in all directions over Hampshire and Berkshire.

Be sure to inspect the tomb of Lord Carnarvon. In 1922 he famously opened the tomb of Tutankhamun along with his archaeologist accomplice Howard Carter.

The Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower is visible to the south on a clear day (allegedly). You may need a good pair of binoculars though!

Also, Watership Down can be seen to the east, on the far side of the A34.

...and don't forget to pose for a photo on the trig point!

Did you know?

The hill fort on the top of Beacon Hill was built in 1000 BC and incredibly between two and three thousand people once lived there!!

Famous aviator and designer of aircraft Sir Geoffrey de Havilland made his first flight from the top of Beacon Hill in a home-made aircraft in 1910. He went on to design the Tiger Moth and Mosquito aeroplanes which played such major roles in the first and second world wars. A stone memorial to him can be found to the south of Beacon Hill at Seven Barrows. Lord Carnarvon gave permission for that first flight.

Beacon Hill was used to pass warnings from Hampshire to Berkshire in the era when national emergencies were signalled by the lighting of fires on hills.


Beacon Hill is a valuable chalk grassland area and home to important wildlife species including the Cuckoo and Osmia bees.

Where to find it

Beacon Hill is a 20 minutes drive from Cheievley. Park in the small car park next to the picnic area and pick up the path to the top from there.