An at-a-glance guide to the latest developments in Chieveley during this Coronavirus outbreak

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Supporting Our Local Food Businesses

The Red Lion has expanded its takeaway menu including the addition of a Sunday roast. Landlord Robin received around 100 orders on Friday night (3 Apr) which is a great response from the community, if a little daunting to fulfill in two hours for the frazzled Red Lion team! Spreading our orders out over the week might be helpful. The pub is also selling preserves made by Susie during takeaway collection hours of 6-8pm. Full details on preserves available here.

Chieveley Village Stores reports stock levels now at around 90% and panic buying seems to have subsided. Let’s keep it that way.

The Merry Kitchen on the High Street is also offering Friday night takeaways which will hopefully complement rather than compete with The Red Lion offering.

Health and Well-being

The Downland Pharmacy latest update (issued 6 April) has provided us with an update on their opening times, stock levels and prescription service, full details here. Please be patient (no pun intended!) and polite when visiting, they are under a lot of pressure.

Local mental health initiative Recovery in Mind have published a helpful guide on how to cope in times of crisis along with a video by TV presenter Clare Balding which highlights the opportunities thrown up by the current situation. More on that here.

Chieveley-based personal trainer Emma-Jayne Bailey is running weekly virtual fitness classes on a Thursday. All welcome.

Chieveley residents are of course using our wonderful network of footpaths for their daily exercise but please remember to exercise only with members of your household and to keep your distance from everyone else. Easy to forget on a nice day but so essential.

Looking After Each Other

The network of local volunteers that is Volunteer Chieveley is providing support to those who need it. Prescriptions are being picked up and shopping trips undertaken for those unable to leave their homes. Phone calls are being made to those living alone. Continue to check on your neighbours in the way that you are doing now.

An initiative to decorate the village with streamers in support of key workers as they drive through has started to gain some traction. Some folk have started to put a thank you note on their dustbins for the bin teams.

Key workers for us of course are not only NHS staff but those who keep our society going at times like these – the dustbin collection teams, care workers, school workers, shop workers. People who are often invisible to us at all other times. Chieveley Primary School is still open for the children of key workers. Social distancing, as you can imagine, is all but impossible amongst children of that age so spare a thought for those working at our school.

Clap for Carers now seems to be a regular national event at 8pm every Thursday. Applaud NHS workers from your doorstep or at the bottom of the drive. Those areas of Chieveley that have embraced this report that it helps bring their immediate neighbourhood even closer together.

Suspended Services

No surprises here. The list includes buses, egg deliveries and bulk oil deliveries from Chieveley Oil Club (individual household deliveries continue as normal).

All Chieveley clubs and societies have suspended their activities and events until further notice. The Chieveley Fete has been postponed as has the Chieveley Chase and the Annual Parish Assembly. The church parish office is closed until further notice.

One notable exception is the Parish Magazine which continues to be published and is now available online to the whole community.